Sunday, December 03, 2006

Authentic Cuisine?

Myself and my cousin Liz decided to go to a Lebanese restaurant I saw the other day while walking down Middle Abbey Street. I was looking forward to stepping back to the reality that I've left behind in AD.
It's called 'Fayrouz'. At face value this seemed authentic enough for me...
...*sigh* the innocence of an empty stomach!

'Fayrouz' was an Arabic restaurant alright; An Arabic restaurant with Indian waiters, Chinese cooks, a television mutely showing a British soap opera, 80's Euro-pop not-so-quietly playing in the background and a menu which advertised 'nam' bread.

Yes. It was an experience.

In their defence though, the falafels were good.


Elizabeth said...

lol! Hope you enjoyed the 'Nam' bread.

Dana said...

at least the falafels were good i guess.. were they like 10 euros for 2 lik they are in cork??

Zena said...

no, they were 6.50 for 4. which is still scandalous, but a little better than cork!

Shervin said...

Hey Zena!!!!

Whats going on!! its Shervin!!!! YES i am on your page!!! HA HA.. all this talk about Arabic food makes me wanna go back to AD!! its been 5 years!!!

How ya doing stranger!!??? dont email me or anything hehe.. !!!
nice picture by the way! look as beautiful as ever :)

Zena said...

Shervin!! :) so cool to have you on my page...i look forward to your annual visits! lol
how are you?? i know, i havent emailed you in ages!
hope you're doing great! i'll email you soon x
and keep commenting! :)