Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Frazzled and Fatigued!

Well, the cracks are beginning to show. Or rather, they're beginning to form.
The gruelling schedule is starting to take its toll on all of us; and, some of us are handling it better than others.
How am I handling it? Oh, only by bringing into question my very mental sanity. Let's just say I don't function the best when overcome by fatigue. Picture alot of, what myself and my new friend the lovely Heff referred to today as, the partial externalisation of my internal monologue. In English, that's alot of talking to myself in unfinished sentences!
Many seem unfrazzled by the work load; but, I don't believe them. I think the rampant acne breakout in the class is a clear indicator that stress levels are on the rise.

So, apologies for not keeping you uptodate.
In fact, I'm going to have to let you go, as tomorrow I'm supposed to be mooting. Ok, I will be mooting. There's no getting out of it. So I have to go formulate some sort of argument!

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Elizabeth said...

I'm sure you are well able for it, keep it up and didnt you do well