Sunday, November 05, 2006

Death For Saddam: A Real Sentence From A Mock Trial

I'm in shock.

I knew it was coming, but now that it's here I just can't believe it.
Saddam Hussein has been sentenced to death.
The outcome of that joke of a trial was decided before it had even begun.

I don't know what to say.
Back in May when the 'trial' began I wrote about it. Back Stabbing Saddam Hussein.
I feel sorry for the man.


Dana said...

i know what you mean zen..i couldnt believe it when i heard either! it just doesnt seem right..

Yasmin said...

I swear im soo in shock too!! i cant believe it!!why doesnt that monkey kill those americans that abuse the iraqis in their own country iraq!!! what happened to those soldiers?? and for some odd reason i do feel sorry for Saddam , i actually think he's the only arabic president who stood up against that monkey! and for that i salut him!! disregarding ofcourse what he did to his own ppl!

Anonymous said...

Shame on u, ur obviously not Iraqi... I am an Iraqi and to be honest... we have waited our whole lives to see the end of Saddam just for your kind to start crying about it. I guess the life of an iraqi only matters when it has been killed after 2003 but before that it was ok, cause saddam is ur warrior king... I wish they released him the middle of the streets of Baghdad so you would have seen the love we have for that piece of shit.

Zena said...

Anonymous, thanks for posting a comment. Firstly, Saddam is not my
"warrior king" as you said. I am not an Iraqi, you're right about that. However, you were wrong when you said that "the life of an iraqi only matters when it has been killed after 2003". An iraqi life, ANY life, matters ALL the time.
I am not supporting Saddam.
However, I believe that everyone deserves a fair trial.
I am not saying that Saddam was a good man. He was not. I know that a 'fair trial' is not something that Saddam gave to alot of people he killed, or was responsible for the killing of, over the years. But you cannot say that just because he didnt give others a fair trial, then he shouldnt have one. Perhaps he doesnt deserve one, but the basis of 'democracy' is JUSTICE.
My problem with the trial of Saddam, and with his execution, is that I don't think it was conducted FAIRLY.
I think that it was a joke.
It gave alot of people the result that they wanted. But please don't insult the world's intelligence by claiming that it was a fair trial in a fair court of law. It wasn't. And as a lawyer, that is one of my complaints.
Another complaint I have is that the execution and its surrounding circumstances did not comply with International Conventions on the subject. But that's another story.

Your feelings on the subject are strong, and you claim to speak on behalf of all Iraqi people. However, I have met many Iraqi's who aren't happy with his execution. Personally, I think it was shameful that they hanged him on the first day of Eid.

Nice to have you posting. Next time, sign your name. Take care.